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Pedestrian Injury Prevention
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A survey of older pedestrians in metropolitan Sydney: walking patterns, perceptions and risk exposure - 2005 (1mb)
This research was completed by the Neural Injury Research Unit at the School of Medical Sciences, University of New South Wales to provide a detailed investigation of the walking patterns of older pedestrians in selected Sydney suburbs. The research examined route selection, road crossings, distance walked, the purpose of the journey as well as risk perception.

Perceptions of Priority Rules at Pedestrian Crossings by Pedestrians and Drivers - 2004 (893kb)
This study aimed to determine people's points of view about 'right of way' and if these vary according to whether the person identified with the driver or pedestrian role. While study results suggest no systematic differences in respondents' views about 'right of way' depending on the role with which they identified, results do indicate that there may be some confusion regarding 'right of way' at some crossing types and road treatments. The study was recently completed by the School of Psychology at the University of Sydney.

Pedestrian Safety Seminar papers – 24 May 2002

Pedestrians are a priority target group in the MAA Road Safety Strategy. The MAA organised this seminar to bring together those working at the forefront of this important area. It was an opportunity to exchange ideas and strategies about current and future pedestrian safety activity. Summary report (70kb)

Opening speech (49kb)
Mr Ian Faulks, Manager, Staysafe Committee

European Priorities for Pedestrian Safety (193kb)
Mrs Jeanne Breen, European Transport Safety Council

Pedestrian Safety in NSW: Current Issues and Initiatives (183kb)
Ms Rosemary Rouse, Roads and Traffic Authority

Cost of Pedestrian Injury in NSW (126kb)
Dr Ann Williamson, Injury Risk Management Research Centre

CTP Claims Register Data (153kb)
Ms Susan Suhood, Motor Accidents Authority of NSW

Travelling Speed, Pedestrian Protection: the Role of Travelling Speed in Car Design (86kb)
Mr Jack McLean, Road Accident Research Unit

Priorities for EU Vehicle Safety Design (236kb)
Mrs Jeanne Breen, European Transport Safety Council

Evaluation of NSW 50km/h Urban Speed Limit: Impact on Fatalities and Injuries (141kb)
Dr Don Carseldine, Roads and Traffic Authority

Poster Abstracts (262kb)

Drink Walkers: An Overview of the Problem Australia Wide, Issues and Best Practice Countermeasures (165kb)
Mr Peter Cairney, ARRB Transport Research

Drink Walking and the Industry Perspective (68kb)
Mr Greg McFarlane, Australian Hotels Association

Child Pedestrian Initiatives in NSW (144kb)
Ms Maureen Elliott, Roads and Traffic Authority

Elderly Pedestrian Issues (175kb)
Dr Jennifer Oxley, Monash University Accident Research Centre

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