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Research & Reports - Motorcycle Injury Prevention
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Crashes of older riders - Characteristics and implications for countermeasures - 2006 (6mb)
This report describes the outcomes of an on-line survey of motorcycle riders undertaken by MUARC in 2005 to identify factors contributing to the occurance & severity of crashes involving older motorcycle riders, to establish any differences in contributory factors between continuing, returned and new older riders, and to identify road safety measures to mitigate contributory factors in the crashes of older riders.

Exposure Study by Motorcycle Make and Type - 2005 (1.0mb)
This report describes the outcome of a study by Dr Ron Christie and Mr Warren Harrison to determine the annual distance travelled by registered motorcycles in NSW by make and type and then relate this to patterns of crash involvement and crash risk.

Investigation of Motorcycle Crash Patterns for Riders aged 17-25 in NSW and Development of Countermeasure Strategies - 2001 (385kb)
In 2001, the Motor Accidents Authority of NSW (MAA) funded a study to investigate motorcycle crash patterns for riders aged 17-25 in NSW and, based on the outcomes of this investigation, the development of recommended countermeasure strategies. The project was undertaken by Dr Ron Christie of RCSC Services and Mr Warren Harrison of Eastern Professional Services Pty Ltd between September and December 2001.

This project was completed in two stages. The first stage investigated and summarised motorcycle crash patterns for NSW riders aged from 17-25 years (including pillion passengers) using RTA accident data for the period 1991-2000 inclusive and NSW CTP Insurance Scheme claims register data for the period 1990-2000. Patterns for these younger riders were compared with those for those aged over 25 years.

The second stage of the project used the results from the first stage to identify targets for countermeasures and the approaches or initiative recommended for application to these target areas. A rationale for the suggested approaches was also provided, together with an indication of the agencies likely to be involved in implementation.

Supplementary Analysis in Respect of Motorcycle Type, Make & Model - May 2002 (485kb)

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